March 30, 2018

Get to Know: Steve David, RevSpring’s Chief Software Architect

Meet Steve David, triathlete, father of two, entrepreneur, master of code, and now RevSpring’s Chief Software Architect.

Prior to joining the RevSpring family, Steve spent ten years at Hewlett-Packard as a software engineer before being approached by a friend in 2009 about building something new – an automated appointment reminder system. With an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, Steve said yes to the opportunity and spent his nights and weekends building the software that powered Talksoft.

“In the beginnings of the company, Talksoft’s single server sat on bricks in my family’s basement. We started with a single phone line on an unlimited long distance plan, that worked well until the phone company realized what was going on and amended their terms of service. We needed to make more calls, so soon I was the only person in my neighborhood with a T1 line connected to my home. Along the way we stayed creative and did more with less.”

The company grew exponentially, with the number of customers and annual revenue doubling year after year.

“Our growth was fueled by our quality product, but perhaps even more so by the great people that joined our ranks. I learned so many lessons, through both success and failure, about how to build great products and a great team.”

Steve documents these lessons through a tech leadership blog. He also shares his thoughts on leadership, work/life balance, and innovation.

“I learned early on as a business owner that I had to define my own balance between work and family. I’m a big fan of podcasts as a means of self-improvement, and I like to listen to them on my drive to and from the office. On the way into the office I listen to podcasts like “Lead to Win” by Michael Hyatt and “HBR IdeaCast”, they inspire me as a developer, innovator and a leader. On the way home from work I like to switch gears and listen to podcasts like “Zen Parenting Radio” that put me in dad and husband mode.”

In 2014, Talksoft’s solutions and team caught the eye of RevSpring. Talksoft was acquired and joined the RevSpring family and Steve’s role evolved to Chief Software Architect. While still responsible for management of the Talksoft technology, he also welcomed new challenges before him to drive operational excellence in the healthcare sector through the suite of RevSpring products.

“As Chief Software Architect, I am focused on applying principles that increase the efficiency of our processes and the quality of our services,” says Steve. “In some cases, this means taking ideas that contributed to the success of Talksoft and applying or adapting them to other business units within RevSpring. For example, we’ve done a good job of monitoring our service and automating our onboarding and support processes, so I’m working to drive those principles throughout RevSpring’s suite of services.”

At the same time, Steve has gotten to know the technology teams and landscape across the RevSpring family which has allowed him to learn of other areas where we’re making successful use of technology and see where else we might leverage those concepts to drive automation, intelligence, engagement and outcomes at RevSpring for employees and customers alike.