October 30, 2018

Get to Know: Nadia Cerini, RevSpring’s Solution Engineering – Portal Lead

We are excited to introduce you to Nadia Cerini, RevSpring’s Solution Engineering – Portal Lead, in this month’s installment of Get to Know a RevSpring Employee. Nadia is a world traveler, a calligrapher, a closet handbag and shoe collector, and a beloved employee to many of our Healthcare clients we serve. She is also one of our Phoenix office’s most renowned personalities for both her friendly, welcoming demeanor; her roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-it-done attitude; and her ability to bring humor into the workplace.

Nadia’s Handlettering

Nadia’s career path has been paved by true and authentic relationships. “Every role I’ve had in my career was opened to me because of a good relationship with a client. I started in event planning and from there was connected to an advertising consultant role for a media outlet. I made a great relationship there with Somlynn Rorie (who’s in RevSpring’s corporate marketing department), which led me to RevSpring. I have been here for eight years in a variety of roles.”

After her initial hire as a RevSpring account manager, Nadia was promoted to oversee account managers. She then went on to manage implementation and projects and was recently tapped to join RevSpring’s new solution engineering team as the portal subject matter expert. “I’ve always been grateful that RevSpring has been able to take my talents and put them where they are most needed at any given time,” she said. “Having so many roles has given me an amazing big picture view of our organization and solutions.”

Nadia is known by her co-workers as a fun and positive influence in the office. From office karaoke, Justin Bieber wallpaper on computer screens, to hilariously bad potluck contributions, she’s a positive force that embodies the spirit that working hard and getting things done doesn’t always have to be so serious. Additionally, her love of shoes, handbags, accessories, and fashion-forward styling brings a colorful flair to the office.

On a more serious front, Nadia also brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Revspring’s products and services and what is best suited for each of our clients, as well as for the evolution of the company. As part of the newly-formed solution engineering team, Nadia has found that reevaluating, improving, and documenting has been key to streamlining processes across the organization. Additionally, Nadia is a product expert when it comes to RevSpring’s portal solutions – an always evolving solution. “I’ve found during my time here, nothing stays the same for long, so we have to be agile and ready to adapt and help create the next best thing,” she said. “We are in the final stages of building a next generation portal that includes new technology and innovative ways for patients to access their financial information.”

Tackling big changes and reinventing also appears in her homelife. “My husband, Ben, and I have been renovating our home, so I spend a lot of time on that project and getting the house back together these days. You learn a lot about yourself during a home renovation – things such as how much patience you really have, how much money you really are willing to spend (I prefer a bargain more than anything else!), and how to make dinner when you don’t have a kitchen for a month- turns out you just go out to eat instead!”

Nadia also loves to travel and makes it a priority to travel internationally annually. “When you’ve only the seen the world in textbooks growing up, it’s really magical to see it in person. Rome felt like stepping into a history book. Paris and London, you’ve seen these in pictures and movies, but to actually stand there and look at it is just amazing.

When she’s not on the front lines at RevSpring, traveling, or shuffling around a wheelbarrow in her almost-renovated living room, Nadia’s quiet time consists of puzzles, doodling, and hand lettering. “I enjoy the art of good ole’ fashioned ink or pencil to paper. Being on a computer all day has made me appreciate the talent I have for drawing and lettering,” she said. “Pens, paper, and general office supplies make me happy.”

As do her two cats, Milo & Gordy. “They are my loves.” She also loves being an auntie to her nieces and nephews, reporting that she is “totally the fun aunt” with plenty of rule exceptions in favor of fun.

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