June 29, 2018

Get to Know: Michelle Perez, RevSpring’s Analytics Manager

Meet Michelle Perez, RevSpring’s analytics manager who is based out of our Newark, Ohio office. She came to RevSpring after studying Economics at UCLA and was a consultant for The Claro Group. Michelle joined the RevSpring family in June 2016 as a data scientist and has since been a major contributor to the growth and success of the analytics portion of RevSpring’s Intelligent Workflow Solution (IWS) offering.

But, Michelle noted that this progress isn’t without its hurdles and roadblocks. “Analytics is, unfortunately, not a magic wand,” she said. “You can’t just wave it and have amazing information appear. We must have the data, and that is a challenge with many of our customers. Access to the information we need often slows or stunts our ability to do all that we want and are able to do.”

Although data limitations will always be present, the RevSpring suite of IWS has continued to expand and evolve, and the need for advanced analytics has been a consistent focus for the company’s innovation and expansion.

“As the analytics portion of our offering has grown, we’ve had to develop processes to manage and ensure quality for our large number of clients,” Michelle said. “We’ve also become creative in how we make sure our existing clients continue to improve and avoid plateauing. We are constantly coming up with ways to use the data we have in our warehouse to understand the patient experience, improve it, and increase collections.”

Michelle’s mindset is to always look ahead —to see what other tools can be used to help understand and even predict patient behaviors and payment challenges patients may face.

“My goal with our customers is to always be a step ahead,” she said. “That’s why they use our service, and they depend on us to predict what’s coming next. My experience at RevSpring is one in which we are constantly innovating to bring the best solutions as well as produce the answers to questions before they are even asked.”

Michelle is passionate about how data can change results for a business. At the moment, she is working with RevSpring’s print production team to leverage a sophisticated, statistical model that will improve forecasting and planning, as well as optimize operational capacity.

After a day full of reports, numbers, and reading the future, Michelle spends her spare time enjoying a post-work class at the gym or hiking the local trails with her dog, Luna, and husband, Chris.

“I would really like to tell you that I work out for stress release, but between work and grad school, the truth is that I love reality TV as my escape,” she said. “However, I do enjoy my time at the gym when I get there. My motto is to be the Leslie Knopp of whatever I do…so to quote the Parks and Rec star herself: ‘Slowing down is not really my jam.’”


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