August 10, 2018

Get to Know: Michael Lynch, RevSpring Managing Consultant

Michael and his wife Geina with their Harley Davidson Heritage Classic Softail

RevSpring is pleased to share our next installation of “Get to Know a RevSpring Employee.” This month we present Michael Lynch, a managing consultant at RevSpring, who also happens to be a healthcare industry veteran, Harley rider, grandfather, and Jeep enthusiast.

Prior to joining the RevSpring family, Michael worked at a major hospital in Massachusetts for 14 years. In 2000, he co-founded CRH Consulting, specializing in implementing MEDITECH solutions at hospitals. This connected Michael to RevSpring’s consulting group; and in 2014, when the timing was right, he joined RevSpring full time as a consulting manager.

“In my role at RevSpring, my specialty is to go into a hospital and look at their revenue cycle. We consider the entire cycle and pay attention to processes like patient intake, insurance demographic gathering, clinical charges, how the insurance carriers are billed, self-pay options, patient records, and even bad debt, if it goes that way,” Michael said. “Our consulting group does everything from total set up and replacement, to creating reports and optimization for a healthcare’s current system.”

Michael’s project management experience has expanded RevSpring’s world, and he is currently knee deep in a project creating integration with a major healthcare EHR.

“It has been an excellent opportunity, coordinating the development team, managing timelines, and working logistics with a top healthcare vendor,” he said about the current project. “Although it’s a different set of people and technologies, the project management aspects help bridge important gaps and it feels good to bring my skill set to another part of RevSpring.”

In leading these projects, Michael’s mantra is, “If you’re going to do it, do it right.” He empowers his team to do things the right way, even when that carries complication or extended timelines.

“They may come back to me with a proposed solution that will take longer than we hoped,” he said. “I’d rather work with the client and explain how and why we recommend that change and show them the benefits rather than do it the easy way when we know it’s not the best way forward.”

His approach to problem solving helps create solutions instead of raising issues. This way of thinking transfers to all parts of Michael’s life. He finds work/life balance by giving an honest day’s work while he’s in the office and then disconnecting to focus on his family when he’s at home. “I’ve found it’s essential for me. Without that separation, both sides can suffer.”

When he’s not at his desk or running a project, Michael spends his time rebuilding an old farm tractor with his son, hiking with his two grandchildren, joining Jeep enthusiasts in the hills of Pennyslvania, or riding the mountain and ocean highways with his wife, Genia, on their Harley Davidson, a Heritage Classic Softail.

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