March 29, 2019

Get to Know: Giuliana Moccia, Team Lead for RevSpring’s Appointment Reminders Center of Excellence

In 2018, we started a “Get to Know You” blog series with the goal of pulling back the curtain and sharing with our readers the people who drive our innovation and help power our solutions. Our people are a vital part of RevSpring, and we are pleased to continue this blog series.

In this post, we’d like to introduce Giuliana Moccia, a driven leader, technical guru, and interior designer (during her free time). At RevSpring, Giuliana manages customer relationships with a focus on appointment reminders and patient messaging products. She is the team lead for RevSpring’s Messaging Center of Excellence.

@ NYC Port Authority

Giuliana’s customer experience expertise comes from her impressive background in other industries. Born in Colombia and raised in New Jersey, she had access to New York City after graduating from college (the first in her family). Giuliana began her career in the Big Apple’s hospitality industry at Hyatt and Starwood, including the W Hotel at Times Square, before moving into roles with corporate heavy hitters, Microsoft and Condé Naste.

“Working in the city provided unparalleled access and exposure to the business world,” said Giuliana. I learned so much and grew so quickly. With the pros come the cons, and I was ready for a different change of pace.”

Giuliana started at RevSpring in December of 2014 in the Hamilton, New Jersey office. She quickly became an expert in appointment reminder and patient messaging and developed a positive rapport with customers and colleagues. The key to her quick growth? Hustling for the answers that she didn’t have.

“My dad always says: ‘I know what I know and because of that I can learn what I don’t know,” she echoed during our 1:1 interview. “This phrase applies in so many places of my life, but I found myself practicing it daily in the RevSpring world. Our customers, the support team I manage, we all have knowledge gaps that we have to work together to bridge. Doing so openly and honestly creates a really great end result across the board.”

Giuliana shared that she also aims to find efficiencies. She has worked closely with RevSpring’s development team to enhance our messaging products in ways that bring value to internal employees and external customers.

Don Bragger, RevSpring’s director of software development noted, “Giuliana is at a such a critical place in our company —she has exposure to the needs of our customers, as well as a deep understanding of our system functionality.

The Moccia Family

As we develop new features, Giuliana’s impassioned and informed voice helps to ensure we maximize the benefits to our customers with the features we deliver to them. She truly represents our customers and her team in a strong and strategic way.”

As a senior member of the RevSpring appointment reminder team, Giuliana also manages relationships for some of RevSpring’s larger customers and is responsible for guiding large hospital systems through the process of customizing and optimizing their patient messaging.

“I’ve seen it work, by creating additional patient touch points there are more engagement opportunities,” she said. “We’ve seen reduced no show rates, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Patients aren’t just showing up now, they are coming to their appointments prepared. We know this leads to a better patient experience; and in healthcare, this is what truly matters most.”

When asked what she wished other’s knew about her corner of the RevSpring world, Giuliana said, “I wish everyone could see how cool we make appointment reminders. It’s so much more than a boring text or a phone call to a patient. Our platform’s flexibility is always evolving, and our team is always collaborating to provide the best services to our clients.”

She makes sure her home is flexible and evolving too. With a passion for interior design, Giuliana suggests enjoying trends in small and easily changeable doses by keeping wall colors and furniture neutral and light then adding pops of colors with simple items like picture frames and vintage pieces.

Last year brought big changes for Giuliana, including a move to a new home and a brand new baby within a few weeks of each other. Baby brother joined two older brothers, plus a “fur sister” – a french bulldog named Lulu.

“Being a working mom requires that I am efficient and proactive. Planning ahead and leveraging my teams both at RevSpring and in my personal life is how I am able to get things done.”

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