October 14, 2020

Flexibility, Adaptation Keys to Adjusting to COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues transforming society, education and healthcare, everyone is learning many lessons. The importance of flexibility and creative adaptation in how providers interact with patients to keep everyone safe is among the top takeaways in healthcare.

Technology must be flexible and adaptable too.

We’ve learned a lot from our customers and are continuing to partner with them in this unchartered new space. How providers adapted the patient check-in process early after COVID hit showed us the tremendous variability in models and underscored, yet again, the need for flexible technology solutions.

Virtual check-in solutions are continuing to help many providers, but what they need from those solutions varies widely. We have learned that some require better patient communications, such as a secure and automated text conversation to provide instructions and keep patients informed as they wait for the ok to enter a healthcare facility. Not only does such a text communications method protect patients, it removes a burden from front office staff.

Another lesson learned along this COVID journey so far is related to the process of patients entering health care facilities. Some organizations want visibility into who is waiting in their vehicles and how long they have been waiting, while others desire to give patients the ability to upload their insurance card image. And yet others want the ability to collect co-pays virtually. Every combination of these various needs can be found in the many organizations we support. We needed to adapt our technology solutions so all needs could be successfully met as they arose and continue to arise.

Technology that is multi-faceted and robust is essential for meeting all needs in every conceivable combination. Even more importantly, technology solutions must be adaptable and able to integrate with other applications in the multi-vendor environment that defines modern healthcare today.

COVID has created a constant state of flux and uncertainty. Navigating this uncertainty takes perseverance and flexibility. As guidelines change and infection rates fluctuate, we are committed to listening to our customers and continuing to adapt technology solutions to meet their changing needs.

Hats off to the countless teachers and students who are committed to continue teaching and learning despite restrictions and limitations. Kudos to the employers and employees who are working hard and creatively managing in this confusing environment. And a profound thank you to the healthcare providers and administrators who are adapting and keeping people healthy in extremely difficult circumstances. We pledge to keep learning from you and evolving as COVID continues to play out in our country.