May 12, 2021

Epic Monthly Message: April 2021


Accept payments 24/7 and verify transactions in Epic—in real-time

Interested in accelerating patient payments while freeing up customer support staff for more sensitive tasks? Hundreds of Epic users are doing that today with the help of IVR Advantage™, an integrated Epic solution from RevSpring.

IVR Advantage makes it easy for patients to pay anytime—day or night—in a safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant way. It’s an integrated solution presenting the patient’s balance direction from their Epic instance and allows staff and patients to verify payments in real time within Epic MyChart and HyperSpace.

Best of all, IVR Advantage saves time and money by offloading up to 30 percent of inbound calls—with inbound calls resulting in payments up to 75 percent of the time.