2021 Virtual Summit: OhioHealth

Moving to Paperless Billing: OhioHealth’s Success at Reducing Costs Without Losing Patient Loyalty

2021 Virtual Summit  |  Session 2

You don’t have to sacrifice patient loyalty when implementing cost-reduction measures. OhioHealth proved it when they adopted a paperless billing strategy in 2020.

Hear how they successfully consolidated statements from disparate parts of their health system, saved a quarter of a million dollars in print and mail costs, and the surprising adoption rate among some key demographics.

Listen to the conversation with members of the OhioHealth Revenue Cycle team to learn more about:

  • Creating one patient experience that improves collections
  • The tools and techniques OhioHealth used to implement their strategy
  • The lessons learned and how their strategy continues to evolve

Presenters:  Mary Cox, Interim Director of Revenue Cycle at OhioHealth; Anne Smith, Revenue Cycle Manager at OhioHealth,
Moderated by:  Casey Williams, Senior VP of Patient Engagement at RevSpring