2021 Virtual Summit: Digital Doorways

Digital Doorways: The Passageway to a Better Patient and Provider Experience

2021 Virtual Summit  |  Session 1

Healthcare has reached a tipping point.

Patients want quality care that is convenient, flexible and affordable. Providers face ever more pressure to decrease costs while responding to patients who behave like savvy consumers, rather than passive patients with limited choices. Add in the new realities of operating during a global pandemic and it’s clear: the healthcare industry is turning toward digital solutions to survive, and even thrive, during unprecedented challenges and changes.

In this session, we learned:

  • The six digital doorways you need to improve patient engagement
  • How to connect digital entry points for patients
  • Leveraging analytics to determine the right engagement strategy for each patient, no matter where they enter the system

Presenters: Howard Bright, VP of Patient Engagement at RevSpring; Stephen David, VP of Patient Messaging at RevSpring