2021 Virtual Summit: Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts…Practical Predictions for 2021

Virtual Summit  |  Session 4


It’s clear that patient communication and payment priorities have shifted in the wake of COVID-19. Healthcare organizations are looking for ways to recover and adapt existing technologies to drive healthy long-term change.

Our experts provided answers to your submitted questions to help you tackle the challenges you’re facing in 2021. Additionally, they covered:

  • Why COVID is an undeniable factor for digital transformation, driving a better patient experience and stronger results with fewer resources
  • Why understanding a patient’s payment situation is more critical than ever to matching payment options with their changing needs
  • The relationship between better communication and safety – while protecting the revenue stream

Panel: Howard Bright, VP of Patient Engagement; Steve Callis, President of Payments; Kristen Jacobsen, VP of Products & Marketing; Casey Williams, Senior VP of Patient Engagement; April Wilson, VP of Analytics; Tim Bavosi, VP of Consulting