Pharmacies and pharmacists provide many critical healthcare services and, increasingly, need more sophisticated patient communication and billing solutions. RevSpring specializes in the most comprehensive and effective healthcare financial communications available today. Our industry-leading tools help more than 1,000 hospitals, 150 major healthcare systems, and 2,000 ambulatory and specialty practice customers nationwide.

Virtual waiting room for fast and contactless check-in

Reduce attended inbound calls by 15% to 30%

Increase patient self-service rates, on average, by 50%

Reduce payment processing costs


Patient Engagement Tools that Propel Your Pharmacy Foward

We help providers develop individualized patient messages and use analytics to guide how and when they should be sent. The results can be remarkable: increased payments with shorter turnaround time and growing patient loyalty.

  • Communicate most effectively with patients to promote repeat visits and increase satisfaction
  • Adopt a recurring patient model with proven communication and billing strategies
  • Capture digital consent to ensure you’re using the best digital channels—easily and legally—for patients that prefer digital communication