Engage Patients to Participate and Pay

Connecting with patients—no matter where they are on their healthcare journey—is critically important. That’s why every medical practice, large or small, can benefit from data-driven patient engagement and payment solutions. RevSpring’s analytics-driven communications tools help you develop spot-on messages— appointment reminders, billing notices, and patient financial engagement—via the most appropriate channels. It’s all about connecting with patients from pre-service to post-service in the channels they most prefer, with the messages that inspire them to connect.

The result?

Greater patient satisfaction and better financial outcomes for you.

“Before Patient Access began handling appointments, staff members in each department were overwhelmed by making calls to patients to remind them of upcoming appointments, and not all patients would receive a call. Now everyone receives a call, and patients are able to easily connect with us if they need to reschedule.”
— Manager of Central Scheduling, Hallmark Health