The billing statement is sometimes the first patient touch point after the provider encounter, making it a key moment in building a relationship. We make the payment process clear to your patients at every engagement, so your team’s service and commitment are what leave a lasting impression.

Our electronic billing statements use color theory, content hierarchy, and compelling graphic design to inspire desired responses from each patient based on their financial circumstances, preferences, history, and propensity-to-pay analysis.

We tailor each statement to place the correct information and calls to action in areas of the document that drive optimal responses, whether that’s an immediate payment, a payment installment plan, or a charity program.

Make Electronic Payments a Core Component of Billing and Collection

When it comes to electronic engagement, consumers have the world at their fingertips. From banking to dinner reservations, consumers expect real-time experiences. The same is true with medical bill payments.

Patients want the ability to make payments wherever, whenever, and however their lifestyle dictates. We give health systems the technology and intelligence to deliver tailored communications and payment options at every stage of the patient journey. Our advanced billing and collection portals are designed to easily augment current patient engagement solutions, bringing speed, security, and satisfaction to your billing and collection processes.

If a patient opts into electronic billing but never opens their emails, we automatically send paper billing statements in the next dunning cycle in addition to emails to keep patients engaged and informed.

Our Quick Pay solution and e-signature options remove barriers in the payment process and encourage self-service. With real-time e-signature capabilities, healthcare administrative staff can collect signatures to complete documents live over the phone, or send for later completion online.

secure electronic patient billing statements

Advantages of e-Signatures

  • Collect signatures in real time from any internet-enabled device
  • Mark fields as “required” to minimize incomplete forms
  • Create an audit trail for better reporting
  • Reduce errors resulting from manual data entry
  • Upload signed documents to trigger the next step in your workflow
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Secure Payments From Any Location

All of our payment solutions are independently validated and audited to maintain compliance with the industry’s top security certifications:

  • PCI DSS v3.2.1
  • SSAE 18, SOC2 Type II