Patient Engagement Everywhere

This is heart of everything we do.  

Patients are individuals and must be seen and communicated with in ways that work best for them. Engagement means connection that respects unique patient requirements and behaviors.  

And no matter which digital doorway a patient uses to enter a health system, our solutions are designed to connect the patient experience from preservice to final payment.

RevSpring knows how to connect the dots to make sure everything works together for the best results. 

— Deborah Kelly, MyCare Finance CEO

Intelligence Drives Action

It’s not enough to have smart solutions if they exist in a vacuum. Data analytics that drives positive patient action is what gets our engines revving!  

From Preservice to Payments

Solutions that connect—and improve—a patient’s experience everywhere they engage with providers are central to better results for patients and providers.  We help our customers walk in their patients’ shoes, everywhere their healthcare journey leads them. 

For Everyone

No company can be all things to all people, but we have to say that we come pretty close! Our solutions are designed with lots of people on our collective minds, with the goal of delighting all of them in ways that matter most in their respective sphere of influence. 

True ROI

Delivering a true return on investment means payment performance you can see and better outcomes overall. Take a look for yourself!


From OmniBrain to OCR (and much more!), we are dedicated to innovation that empowers providers to understand, communicate and connect with patients. We’re passionate about technical innovation because customers deserve better solutions to old problems.