It’s the subtle details that inspire people to pay on time. When it comes to payment communications, no element is too small to ignore. We facilitate more than 15 million payments each year — and we attribute that to the quality and usability of our communications and technologies, not the quantity of statements.

Intelligent Print Statement Design for Healthcare

We design our print statements with the colors, fonts, and layouts that bring attention to key details and calls to action to inspire patients to take the next step.

Leveraging advanced gaze path analysis, heat map eye tracking, A/B testing, and consumer panels, we give health systems the technology and intelligence to deliver tailored financial communications and payment options throughout the patient journey.

In addition to assisting organizations with optimized statement design and printing, our predictive analytics enhance outreach efficiencies and positively impact payments. From automating bill-payment channel preferences to utilizing smart outbound IVR systems, you can create business rules driven by data in your statement files to tailor each patient engagement.

Our proprietary reconciliation and security services enhance your print statements. We also help health systems convert patients to electronic communications to improve delivery speed and reduce cost.

intelligent print statement design for healthcare
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