In the age of personalization and consumerism, one-size-fits-all communication and payment options won’t be enough to satisfy your patients. Millennials don’t have the same behaviors and preferences as baby boomers, and it takes a comprehensive patient engagement suite to deliver all the software, analytics, and services to tailor patient outreach effectively.

How is your health system influencing patient behavior?

Rethink Communications from the Patient’s Perspective

Our outbound communication solutions include automated phone, text, and email communications tailored to reach and engage your patients based on demographic analysis and propensity-to-pay scoring.

While some vendors patch together multiple disjointed technologies to deliver what you need, we own and manage all of our products, giving you added security, functionality, and a solid relationship with one partner.

With our patient communication tools, you can:

  • Create a series of custom balance-due messages with natural progressions
  • Offer Text-to-Pay for faster, more convenient patient self-pay options
  • Proactively contact no shows and fill appointment slots to optimize scheduling
  • Preschedule calls, texts, and emails or place them on-demand
  • Send recall communications to remind patients to schedule an appointment
  • Contact thousands of patients instantly with no manual phone calls
  • Set campaign pacing and timing
  • Integrate seamlessly with other revenue cycle management and EHR systems

Expand your communication channels to generate responses quicker and cheaper than traditional postal outreach or manual customer service.

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