Epic Financial Engagement Solutions

Powered by RevSpring

More than 160 Epic clients trust RevSpring with their patient financial engagement and payment solutions, which makes us the number one solution provider in the market.

RevSpring does more for Epic clients to drive results, including proven improvements in financial performance and patient satisfaction:

  • Flexible models to support a payment experience for native Epic tools, as well as fully branded payment experience portals
  • Seamless gateway/merchant options that reduce your PCI scope, minimizing your effort and costs
  • Print and mail expertise, driving clarity and quality in this critical engagement channel
  • All Epic communications and payment solutions can be enhanced with RevSpring’s engagement strategy, automation, and payment performance tools to support your success

Epic Engagement Solutions
Integrating RevSpring provides Epic customers with more than payment processing – organizations gain valuable insight into their patient’s payment behavior. And with more than 160 Epic clients trusting RevSpring with their patient financial engagement and payment solutions, we are the #1 solution provider in the market.

Epic Integration (PDF)

At RevSpring, our goal is to enhance the investments you made in Epic with powerful communications and payment solutions that fit your business. Some options include:

  • MyChart Payments Powered by RevSpring
    Patients enter payment information directly into the RevSpring payment page, which integrates seamlessly with MyChart, so PCI data never passes through MyChart servers. Find the RevSpring Patient Payment Page on the Epic App Orchard.
  • Hyperspace Payments Powered by RevSpring
    The RevSpring device integration within Hyperspace allows your organization to make payments securely throughout Hyperspace on EMV and P2PE-compliant devices — greatly reducing the PCI scope for your organization while securing payment transactions. Find the RevSpring Credit Card EMV Device Integration on the Epic App Orchard.
  • Single Sign-On Integration to RevSpring Payment Portals
    For Epic clients who wish to support payments outside of MyChart and Hyperspace, RevSpring provides an award-winning self-service payment portal that has long been the industry’s most user-friendly option, resulting in high adoption.
  • End-to-End Full Revenue Cycle Engagement
    Effective communication starts with personalized messaging. RevSpring helps you leverage the power of your patient statements to communicate transactional data and other essential information to help consolidate communications and drive patient engagement. We offer consistent communication strategies across touch points — from the front office to the back office.
  • Proven Financial Performance
    RevSpring solutions for Epic include reporting tools that allow your organization to aggregate payment and transactional details from multiple sources, including sources outside of Epic. We also provide payment performance data so you can easily understand financial outcomes.

Contact us to learn more and see how RevSpring integrations can complement your Epic solution.

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