Rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs are driving patients to ignore or postpone service bills that they didn’t expect or don’t understand.

No one likes an unexpected bill following a visit to the hospital. Yet 61 percent of patients are surprised by their out-of-pocket acute care expenses.1 Take the surprise out of service costs.

Point-of-Service Payment Estimation Services

Our point-of-service cost estimation tools and propensity-to-pay analytics drive faster and more complete payments for hospitals.

Studies show that 75 percent of patients report that up-front estimates of service costs would positively impact their view of a healthcare provider.2 Create open communication paths that bring patients into the payment conversation from the start with focused billing strategies.

Our estimation tools, especially when combined with our other 360ᵒ Payment Communications solutions, improve end-to-end patient engagement, increase payments, and reduce billing surprises.