Real-time communication with your patients is key to maintaining satisfaction and providing an exceptional experience. When your health system has important messages to broadcast to your entire patient population or a specific segment, you need a fast, secure way to send mass messages.

Our broadcast messaging capabilities make it easy for your health system, hospital, or department to send important announcements that impact accessibility, like weather closures, special flu clinics, department relocations, or emergency messages.

Automated Patient Alerts

Send automated phone calls, text messages, and emails from any location using any internet-connected device in just three simple steps. The entire process can take as little as five minutes.

broadcast messages icon: step 1

Create a list of the people you need to contact.

broadcast messages icon: step 2

Choose a pre-recorded voice message or record a new message on the fly. If sending a text or email, enter the content.

broadcast messages icon: step 3

Schedule the broadcast message for your preferred date and time, or choose “Send Now.”

Keep your patients informed for better outcomes.

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