Patients want engagement on their terms, and increasingly, those terms include smart mobile devices. Nearly 80 percent of Americans own a smartphone, and that number jumps to 85 percent for patients ages 18 to 64.

Patients aren’t just using their smartphones to call their doctors; 95 percent of millennials want to receive text messages about all aspects of care delivery, from front-office appointment reminders to back-office billing and payment options.

Automated Patient Text-to-Pay Solutions

RevSpring’s Text-to-Pay solution empowers mobile phone users to take charge of their finances using the channel of communication that is most convenient to them. It’s fast, convenient and effective, and secures payments in as little as two steps.

STEP 1:  We send automated text messages with balance information, allowing patient to pay quickly over the phone.
STEP 2:  Patient replies they want to process the payment and rest.

Not everyone wants to receive text messages from their healthcare provider. Our communication solutions power smart engagement tailored to the ways your patients want to carry on their care conversation. Our data-driven technologies can predict which payment and communication channels will be most effective for each patient so you can drive higher response rates and maximize payment opportunities.

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Secure Payments From Any Location

All of our payment solutions are independently validated and audited to maintain compliance with the industry’s top security certifications:

  • PCI DSS v3.2.1
  • SSAE 18, SOC2 Type II