Many factors affect patient no shows. In addition to forgetting an appointment, patients may be nervous or scared about a pending visit, may not have transportation to the office, or may be concerned they cannot afford their co-pay. Strategic pre-service and post-service patient communication can address patient concerns and educate patients on their appointment details, estimated costs, and payment options.

Our engagement solutions use several modes of communication to reach patients, encourage interaction, and allow office staff to react quickly to patient responses.

Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

Automated appointment reminder software is the best way for practices to start improving patient engagement. Intelligent appointment reminders alone can help practices minimize missed appointments, provide valuable pre-appointment information, and reduce no shows to increase revenue and efficiency.

Combined with our other patient engagement tools, appointment reminders have helped ambulatory practices improve response rates by 80 percent or more.

improve patient engagement response

Appointment reminders can be sent via phone calls, text messages, emails, and a mobile app and are most effective when all four channels are used together. All messages are:

  • HITECH- and HIPAA-compliant to protect patient health information
  • Specific to each patient’s appointment details
  • Customized to show your office’s information in the Caller ID or “from” line
  • Interactive to allow patients to confirm upcoming appointments, request a reschedule, click-to-call, download educational materials, access GPS directions, or arrange for transportation via Uber
  • Optimized by time of day to increase response rates
  • Staggered and configured based on the patient’s responses
  • Tailored based on your practice’s goals and patient preferences

How Our Appointment Reminder Software Works

How RevSpring Appointment Reminders Work: Step 1
How RevSpring Appointment Reminders Work: Step 2
How RevSpring Appointment Reminders Work: Step 3
How RevSpring Appointment Reminders Work: Step 4

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