Appointment Reminder companies vary in technology breadth and depth. Here are some key features to look for in your automated patient reminders:

Talksoft Automated Appointment Reminder System

RevSpring Omni-channel Communication

Your appointment reminders system should include phone, text, and email communications to your patients. These communication options should respect your patient preferences, and work in harmony together.

Phone Appointment Reminders

Phone call patient reminders provide a traditional communication channel that many patients still prefer. With prompt to confirm or reschedule with numbered prompts, your patients can still interact with the reminder and even be transfered to your office.

Text Appointment Reminders

Did you know that more than 90 percent of people read a text message within the first three minutes of receving it? SMS or text appointment reminders allow you to text your patients to remind them of the appointment. Within the text you can easily include smartphone compatable links to add to calendar, get directions, or call the office.

Email Appointment Reminders

Emailing appointment reminders to patients is also a critical communication touchpoint. This long-form version of reminders allows you to include additional instructions that wouldn’t fit in a text reminder or phone call appointment reminder. Patient reminders by email should also include simple links to confirm or request a reschedule.

Appointment Reminder Solutions

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