The time for Digital Transformation is now

RevSpring leads the way with omni-channel communications

Are you ready? We are. The time to make the transformation from paper to digital is now. Starting today, you can begin tearing down barriers and embracing the patient-inspired, omni-channel engagement platform that only RevSpring offers.

For 20 years, we have been intelligently gathering, analyzing and leveraging data, building a massive breadth and depth of knowledge of patient behavior. Uniquely positioned to engage even the broadest patient populations, RevSpring reaches patients in every zip code across America.

Now, using our knowledge, experience and hard data, we’ll help you lay the groundwork for consumers who are ready for change and prefer the convenience and personalization of digital communications. From pre- to post-service, we’ll help you transform complex financial journeys into intuitive new pathways with proven results.

Drive Patient Engagement Optimization With eVoke

Based on a personalized messaging approach, our eVoke™ Omni-channel messaging platform gives you the tools to execute a communication strategy that delivers the right message at important touch points throughout the patient’s journey.

  • Increase digital engagement – provide communication in patient-preferred methods
  • Decrease no-shows – gently remind and prepare patients for their appointments
  • Increase office productivity – automate messaging to free up staff
  • Increase patient satisfaction – communicate with patients clearly, consistently and appropriately
  • Drive patient responsiveness – performance dashboards show response levels increase across the engagement spectrum
  • Simplicity – click to connect each communication to a direct action, eliminating steps
  • Flexibility – data-driven makes it dynamic; campaign-driven makes change easy based on your goals