Post-Service Engagement

While digital engagement is a priority for healthcare leaders, the actualization is far from reality. Digital adoption remains low. While 25% of patients want digital-only communications, only 8% receive their statements digitally, according to our annual survey. Still more would like digital reminders to accompany their printed statement, making them more likely to pay.

Those numbers made us curious. Why the gap? When we asked more questions, we learned that 69% weren’t offered the option or don’t remember being offered the option of paperless billing at time of service. We see example after example where electronic billing options are not featured on websites, statements and even online portals.

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

RevSpring actively promotes non-paper billing to patients who are most likely to engage digitally. When we ask patients what they want, we see amazing returns:

  • 25% increase in paperless billing
  • 38% increase in automated payments
  • And because people who receive digital communications inevitably pay digitally, a 52% increase in self-service payments

When one provider used email and mobile information gathered pre-service, the average rate for digital delivery rocketed from 2.3% to 40.3% in just one month. Patients and providers want the same thing — speed.

  • People receiving a text notification paid their balance 12 days faster.
  • 12.6% of patients who made a payment paid their bill before they received a printed statement.
  • Mobile payments increased and more patients paid online.

The downstream cost savings are the cherry on top.

RevSpring engages patients in every zip code across America. We send 1.5 billion pre-and post-service communications annually, through every channel. We know that patients also tell us what they want implicitly — it’s in their data. We can learn from behavior how they prefer to engage — what channels best meet their needs.

More reasons why only RevSpring can lead the digital transformation you want and your patients crave.

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Drive Patient Engagement Optimization With eVoke

Based on a personalized messaging approach, our eVoke™ Omni-channel messaging platform gives you the tools to execute a communication strategy that delivers the right message at important touch points throughout the patient’s journey.

  • Increase digital engagement – provide communication in patient-preferred methods
  • Decrease no-shows – gently remind and prepare patients for their appointments
  • Increase office productivity – automate messaging to free up staff
  • Increase patient satisfaction – communicate with patients clearly, consistently and appropriately
  • Drive patient responsiveness – performance dashboards show response levels increase across the engagement spectrum
  • Simplicity – click to connect each communication to a direct action, eliminating steps
  • Flexibility – data-driven makes it dynamic; campaign-driven makes change easy based on your goals