Power a Conversation About Payments

Effective patient engagement begins with billing communication that’s easy to understand. Our printed and electronic patient statements are essential tools from the eVoke™ outbound engagement suite that drive patient engagement and inspire action — whether it’s making a payment or online patient portal adoption.

Combined with intuitive payment options and proactive outbound payment reminders, our Engage bundle improves financial engagement and captures the Voice of the Patient with online surveys.

Leverage advanced gaze path analysis, heat map eye tracking, A/B testing, and patient panels to deliver tested and tailored financial communications and flexible payment options throughout each patient’s healthcare encounter. Learn more.

Allow patients to make secure credit card, debit card, and e-check payments and set up automatic payment plans online, 24/7. Patients can access our user-friendly portal from any location on any device at any time. Learn more.

Remove barriers in the healthcare payment and communication process. Our intuitive customer service portal allows your staff to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently while facilitating patient payments. Learn more.

Put healthcare and financial information at your patients’ fingertips. Our inbound IVR tools give patients another easy way to pay their bills or check on a current account balance, helping health systems improve efficiency and productivity by reducing attended inbound calls by 15 to 30 percent. Learn more.

Implement a consistent, quality outreach channel that’s faster, cheaper, and more effective than traditional mail and more effective than traditional dialers. Our outbound IVR solution includes professional digital recording of voice talent, documentation of each call, multi-tiered branching software, and bilingual script libraries. Learn more.

Keep a pulse on patient satisfaction to improve care delivery. Our patient survey solutions automatically send electronic satisfaction surveys via text or email immediately following patient visits. Surveys respect patient confidentiality and result in response rates of more than 40 percent and completion rates of more than 97 percent. Learn more.

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Remove Barriers to Collecting and Reconciling Payments

Our merchant payment services make payment acceptance, processing, reconciliation, and settlement simple and convenient at all stages of patient engagement.

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One Solution for Revenue Cycle Management

Automated billing communications integrate seamlessly with printed statements, electronic communications (email, text, and telephone), online payment solutions, and advanced customer service capabilities to bring payment reminders and self-service to your patients’ fingertips.

Our suite of integrated payment tools helps your health system tailor patient payment communications to optimize the revenue cycle.

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