RevSpring Predict™

No two patients are alike, yet most have good intentions of paying their healthcare bills. RevSpring Predict™ gives the precision healthcare providers need to present the right financial option early in the patient journey. Using our propensity to pay, payment plan optimization and other predictive models, our clients are able to improve their ability to tailor financial communications in one voice, resulting in a better financial outcome for the organization and stronger patient experiences.

Calculates payment propensity based on patient history and ability to pay

Optimizes payment plan offers by identifying the “sweet spot” for the installment payment amount and the plan duration

Uses iterative modeling and machine learning techniques

Presents accurate patient outcomes

Increase payment plan fulfillment rates with a more precise payment plan all within your pre-determined guidelines

There's more to patients than their balance

Create a more positive billing experience by giving patients the sense that “you know them best” by targeting communications and payment options that fit their needs through the communication channels they prefer. RevSpring Predict achieves a higher standard of precision than other predictive models because it uses more human context, including behavioral characteristics, the stage of the patient in their healthcare journey, and more. RevSpring uses science to create a more flexible and compassionate payment experience for the patient. That ultimately increases patient loyalty, satisfaction…and payments.

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