Auto Loan Communications That Drive Action

With increased auto loan activity, deferred auto payments, and inflation, debt collection is on the rise. The most successful statements and receivables management process requires more than just sending out bills each month. Getting paid faster while reducing costs is key. By using OmniChannel communications, multiple payment options, and no-cost to biller merchant processing for your automotive statement communications, you can improve results—and your bottom line.

Auto Finance Payment Solutions

The ability to provide your customers with a range of personalized payment options will better ensure a rapid response, improve satisfaction, and improve results.  eVokePay is the next generation payment portal that supports quick-pay, auto-pay, and customized payment plan options. Statements can be automated for e-mail, eliminating the expense of production and postage. Easy-to-use, intuitive customer self-service options lower your costs by reducing the hours your internal staff need to field calls and process payments.

No-Cost-to-Biller™ Merchant Processing

If credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payment processing costs are a concern, a no-cost-to-biller merchant processing solution allows you to charge a consumer fee to eliminate your processing costs. Integrated with the eVokePay portal, this compliant option allows you to take consumer self-service and agent payments without the burden of processing costs.

A Complete, Integrated Solution

Whether physical mail is the core component of your auto loan bill process or you’re looking to integrate a digital-first, best-in-class OmniChannel statement and payment platform, RevSpring can help. Our eVoke engagement platform offers you:

  • OmniChannel communications to optimize customer interaction preferences
  • Email statements and notices
  • Printed billing statements and notices: full color mail pieces with variable messages
  • An advanced, easy to use online payment portal—eVokePay
  • End-to-end visibility into the statement and communication process
  • Text-to-pay, text billing reminders, and receipts
  • Inbound and outbound interactive voice recognition