Print & Mail Coalition

The 11th Circuit’s decision in Hunstein v. Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc. has the potential to significantly change how the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry conducts business. In response to the Court’s ruling (the “Ruling”), and for the first time ever, a group of ARM vendors and associations, quickly convened and formed a Print & Mail Coalition (the “Coalition”) to promote alignment and a unified response to this significant industry event. The Coalition is currently working together to analyze the case, digest its potential impact, and determine effective strategies to help all clients adapt their business practices, as needed.

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In late April, RevSpring, other ARM vendors, and various industry associations joined together to form the Print & Mail Coalition. The Coalition’s aim is to develop a powerful, unified response to the 11th Circuit Court’s recent ruling. Learn more about the Coalition and its objectives, actions, and progress to date. Click here Close