IVR Advantage™

Superior engagement and telephone self-service tools can reduce your inbound calls while allowing consumers to make convenient payments and manage their finances in one simple step. RevSpring’s IVR Advantage™ system function as an effortless extension to your call center, automating payments and delivering an optimized call flow to maximize call completions and reduce call center costs.

Give consumers 24/7 access to account balance and payment history

Automate payments and other routine call types

Compliant with the industry’s top security certifications

Provide ultimate customer service at a reduced cost

Opt to speak with an agent

Select English or Spanish scripts


Boost gross revenue by 10% by making IVR part of your OmniChannel solution.

IVR Advantage™ Outbound

An outbound automated calling tool you can use to contact, communicate with, and collect payments in an efficient and cost-effective way.



IVR Advantage™ Inbound

With inbound IVR, consumers can make convenient self-service payments and manage their finances with one simple automated phone call–or if they prefer, with an agent-assisted call.



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