eVoke™ Inbox

Integrating a digital delivery strategy into your financial communications, offers consumers another way to connect with you anytime, anywhere, from any device. With eVoke Inbox you can easily incorporate digital delivery of communications that is faster, more easily actionable and less expensive than print and mail.

eVoke Inbox is deliverability obsessed—you only pay the emails that reach the consumer’s inbox and with advanced tracking and analytics, you’ll know which emails have been undelivered or unopened, so you can take the next communication step.

Deliverability obsessed to maximize dollars

Design driven to inspire action

Reputation aware, with monitoring and alerting

Secure and compliant


83% of consumers prefer to receive business communications via email

Encourage online payments

Opt-in emails notify consumers of balances due and past due as well as direct them to make payments online via the payment portal or over the phone using interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Adaptable delivery campaigns

The communication campaigns are designed to meet your needs—email only, email communication with print back-up if the email is undelivered, email in addition to print, or email with other digital communications, such as text-to-pay.

Secure communications

To ensure security, your consumer will need to validate their identity before viewing any communication.

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