Integrating pre-service payment tools with your self-service payment portal is critical for clarity and continuity. PersonaPay™ from RevSpring helps you start financial conversations with clarity and precision by matching payment options to patient needs as early as possible in the revenue cycle process.

Accept payment from an estimate

Facilitate payment plans prior to service

Connect patients with easy options for digital billing

Empower your staff to deliver better patient experiences

Drive consistent and accurate customer service through CSR scripting

Significantly increase the dollars collected through self-service channels as well as the average payment amount received.

Educate patients and enable payments pre-service

Successful healthcare payment collection takes more than a one-off moment. It takes vision and clarity for long-term success. PersonaPay gives you the tools to conduct personally relevant financial conversations from the very beginning. Because when you help patients understand their responsibilities for their medical costs, they feel better about contributing to their health.

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