eVoke™ Digital First

Close the digital gap in healthcare financial communications with the RevSpring eVoke™ Digital First solution. You’ll not only deliver the digital experience patients want. You’ll also build the relationships that providers need to optimize effectiveness. By prioritizing email and text communications in advance of printed statements, you’ll increase digital adoption and improve your financial performance.

Deliver digital communications first

Email, text or both can be optimized to the result

Transform engagement for statements, reminders, notices and more

Print only if action isn’t taken

Reduce costs

Did you know: 69% of patients aren’t offered the option of digital communications at the point of service.

Deliver the engagement experience patients not only expect, but crave

Digital transformation requires an integrative approach to communicate with precision. RevSpring lets you capture contacts for digital communications early in the financial experience, understand engagement behaviors to coordinate communication across channels, and share patient insights across the patient journey. More patients want digital communications, but many still want printed statements or a combination of both. Only RevSpring can truly orchestrate print as a channel as part of an overall engagement strategy. One provider saw a 400% increase in payments in the first three days—before a printed statement is likely delivered.

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