RevSpring Design™

Not all accounts receivables management letters or statements are alike. The right design can make a difference in how quickly consumers digest and respond to materials. RevSpring uses advanced design principles that incorporate readability, “heat mapping”, visual sequencing, and experience-oriented layout. We demonstrate how consumers will react to communications before ink ever hits the paper for financial communications. By leveraging data science and consumer propensity standards, you can create simplified statements that trigger better consumer response and payment actions.

Statement design based on artificial intelligence and focus groups

Better overall return on print and mailing costs

Better collection rates


Scientifically proven designs that drive effectiveness and actions based on heat map and gaze path AI.

We don’t just rely on science.

Our designs are subjected to scrutiny by everyday consumers who are paid to review communication designs and provide candid feedback. Reviewers are selected from a pool of two million people to ensure a representative cross sampling is achieved.

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