April 13, 2021

RevSpring Introduces Two New Compliant Texting Solutions

eVoke™ Text, an automated solution and a peer-to-peer option via a newly formed partnership with SndRight

April 13, 2021—RevSpring, a leading provider of consumer engagement and payment solutions, today announced two new compliant texting solutions for the accounts receivables management (ARM) industry. eVoke™ Text is an automated solution to use when consent has been gained, and a TCPA-compliant peer-to-peer option via a partnership with SndRight.

Texting helps build out an OmniChannel approach to collections and is an easy and effective way to encourage consumers to make payments. Whether done automatically or by a human, organizations can notify a consumer when a payment is due, send balance reminders, and deliver validation notices. Organizations can increase the likelihood that a consumer will answer a phone call by notifying the consumer ahead of time via text to expect a call on a specific date from a particular phone number. In addition agents are able to send text messages in real-time when they have a consumer on the phone.

“While sending automated texts may sound simple, consent issues can stand in the way of adopting this form of communication,” said Cheryl Kananowicz, president of Financial Services for RevSpring. “Our partnership with SndRight and the ability to send peer-to-peer communications provides receivable management organizations the opportunity to include texting as a communication method when they don’t have explicit consent.”

Beyond the considerable cost-savings—eliminates paper, print and postage costs—texting offers a major convenience to consumers, 85% of consumers prefer text messaging over phone calls or emails. Additionally, once opened, over 50% of payments made by text, happen within the first hour.

“SndRight is honored and excited to partner with RevSpring. We believe this strategic partnership will allow current and future customers to easily communicate with consumers through our application and deliver value to both the consumer and the receivables management company,” said John Gauger, SndRight’s President & Founder.

About RevSpring
RevSpring leads the market in financial communications and payment solutions that inspire action—from the front office, to the back office, to the collections office. North America’s leading healthcare organizations, revenue cycle management and accounts receivables management companies trust RevSpring to maximize their financial results through dynamic and personalized print, online, phone, email and text communications and payment options. Using proprietary data analytics to tailor the engagement workflows to fit individual circumstances and preferences, RevSpring solutions improve the consumer financial experience and drive better outcomes.

To learn more, visit revspringinc.com. For information about RevSpring’s expertise and focus in Accounts Receivables Management, visit revspringinc.com/financial-services/, email info@revspringinc.com or call 248.567.7300.

About SndRight
SndRight is a TCPA-compliant peer-to-peer texting solution serving clients in the financial services industry and changing the way the industry is collecting debts. Data tells us that text message communication boasts 12 times the conversion rate of emails and that 90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, making texts a message that customers are actually reading. And all messages sent through the SndRight platform are sent manually, by a human, making this process TCPA-complaint. For more information, visit SndRight.com.


Stacey Billy