June 3, 2021

RevSpring Introduces Technology to Mask Consumer Personal Information

RevSpring IDSecure™ is the industry’s first automated, straight-through response to keeping sensitive consumer data hidden and secure

June 3, 2021—RevSpring, a leading provider of consumer engagement and payment solutions for accounts receivable management (ARM) companies, today announced RevSpring IDSecure™ (patent pending)—the industry’s first technological solution designed to mask a consumer’s name and account number in the pre-print production process. RevSpring IDSecure adds a layer of security for transferred data by eliminating the ability for any third-party resource to correlate an individual person to a specific debt.

Increasingly, ARM companies are looking for an industry model that keeps personal information protected and hidden. RevSpring is the first to offer a solution. Combining RevSpring’s extensive technological knowledge and deep experience in consumer data and print/mail capabilities, RevSpring IDSecure is a one-of-a-kind process that masks data from the initial data transmission through the statement/letter composition phase. Tokenized capabilities support unstructured, variable length data, ensuring that any confidential data can’t be read by humans while also promoting quality assurance integrity.

“Letters, notices, and other printed communications play a critical role in collecting debt,” said Cheryl Kananowicz, president of Financial Services for RevSpring. “RevSpring IDSecure hides the sensitive consumer information until the print production process, when the information is actually printed on the paper. Although personal data is on statements, the printers are so fast that the actual information is unreadable to the human eye.”

RevSpring IDSecure is the latest example of how the firm quickly—and regularly—responds to industry needs, offering its clients a range of compliant OmniChannel communications and technology solutions that improve outcomes for ARM firms and consumers alike.

About RevSpring
RevSpring leads the market in financial communications and payment solutions that inspire action – from the front office, to the back office, to the collections office. North America’s leading healthcare organizations, revenue cycle management, and accounts receivables management companies trust RevSpring to maximize their financial results through dynamic and personalized print, online, phone, email, and text communications and payment options. Using proprietary data analytics that tailor engagement workflows to fit individual circumstances and preferences, RevSpring solutions improve the consumer financial experience and drive better outcomes.

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Stacey Billy