April 30, 2021

Leading Print & Mail Vendors Join Forces to Support the Accounts Receivables Management Industry

Banding Together to File an Amicus Brief in the Wake of The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision

April 29, 2021 – Following the 11th Circuit’s decision in Hunstein v. Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc., a group of accounts receivable management (ARM) vendors quickly convened and formed a Print & Mail Coalition (the “Coalition”) to ensure alignment and a unified response to this significant industry ruling. This is the first time that these individual firms have joined together, acting not as individual firms or competitors, but as a powerful, collective force to promote a positive result for the overall ARM industry. The Coalition is currently working together to analyze the case, digest its potential impact, and determine effective strategies to help all clients adapt their business practices, as needed.

The Coalition supports the defendant’s request for a rehearing. To that end, the Coalition, with the assistance of well-known industry defense and compliance attorneys, intend to offer a strong legal response. The collective response will be documented in an amicus brief that will be presented to the court in support of a request for a rehearing. The group meets regularly to make certain its reasoning is accurate, effective, and aligned with the arguments of the defendant, the relevant trade associations, and the industry at large. Importantly, the Coalition is advocating for the print and mail industry and the clients it serves.

The Coalition is in direct communication with ACA International (ACA), the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI), and The iA Institute’s Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC). The goal is to ensure that Coalition efforts and positions are operationally and legally consistent with those held by these industry associations and their collective memberships.

The individual Coalition firms have been supporting their clients’ business objectives for years. While the firms often compete for business, they are united in supporting this critical effort as one voice. Although this case presents challenges, the Coalition expects to meet those challenges alongside their clients and as a partner to their success. The Coalition believes the ARM industry plays a critical role in the American economy and will remain unified and committed to legal and operational solutions that simultaneously promote business efficiencies and consumer protection.