PersonaPay™ Patient Portal

Patients not only want self-service convenience–they expect it. But each patient’s financial situation is unique. Offering them more payment options demonstrates your flexibility. And offering the right payment options at the right moment enhances each patient’s experience with your brand, improves patient satisfaction, and boosts your financial results.

Eliminate log-ins and passwords

Tailor patient payment options ranging from payment in full, flexible payment plans, patient financing, and financial assistance

Receive payments from any device, including text-to-pay

CSR assisted payments via text, IVR or email for better PCI compliance and peace of mind

Drive consistent and accurate customer service through CSR scripting

ADA and HIPAA compliant


Proven implementation for fast results

PersonaPay™ is your patients’ pathway to a positive financial journey.

Make payment options clear and appropriate for each patient - wherever they may be

RevSpring lets patients manage their healthcare financial obligations in one integrated, responsive portal. On average, 50% of payments for our clients are made electronically with unmatched patient satisfaction ratings averaging 95%. Results begin with personalized payment options powered by RevSpring Predict™, which clearly presents to patients the most appropriate payment options for their unique and current situation.

Implement with ease!

RevSpring’s Easy Install is a proven methodology used to accelerate PersonaPay™ implementations by threefold compared to other typical portal implementations. Using configurations with mainstream features that are most widely used by healthcare providers, Easy Install serves as a quick start for you to reap the benefits PersonaPay brings to your organization. Easy Install includes a repeatable and documented implementation process that is designed to limit your IT and other internal resources’ time commitments, as well as streamline your testing requirements.

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