eVoke™ Patient Statements

It’s a digital world, but sometimes patients want printed statements. In fact, in a recent RevSpring survey, 75% of patients said they still prefer to receive printed statements either alone or as a companion to a digital communication. Uniquely positioned to engage even the broadest patient populations, RevSpring reaches patients in every zip code in America. RevSpring has the quality and expertise you need to deliver printed statements at any scale, and is best positioned to support your digital shift.

Design services, proven to drive engagement and results

Composition options to fit your brand and your business

Orchestration that optimizes every channel, including print

When the best channel for your patient is print, RevSpring is the best solution for you. We don’t outsource, we own the print experience!

Use print communications more strategically, when patients prefer it

Promote digital options first, but don’t abandon print. OmniChannel patient communication will inevitably include some printed information. And when it’s the right channel, it’s important to get the channel right. With RevSpring as your partner, you can leverage advanced gaze path analysis, heat map eye tracking, A/B testing and patient panels, to deliver tested and tailored financial communications and flexible payment options throughout each patient’s healthcare journey.

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