True Estimate™

The growth of high deductible health plans requires providers to change their collection strategies.​ The larger the deductible, the less likely patients are to pay any portion of their obligation. The good news? Even modest up-front collections reduce bad debt.​ And while the technologies around estimation aren’t new, solutions that truly prepare patients for what they owe with clarity, consistency and convenience have been elusive. Until now. With RevSpring.

Accurately estimate the financial responsibility of patients

Bridge the gap from pre- to post-service with an estimate format as familiar as a bill

Bring your own estimate

Create pre-service payments

Generate payment plans from estimates with post-service reconciliation

True Estimate™ helps you and your patients realize the promise of pre-service estimation.

A patient-friendly solution that lives up to its promise

Anyone can use math to create an estimate. True Estimate is a progressive estimation product and approach that prepares patients with an understanding of the cost of their service in advance and connects them with the right resources to meet their financial obligations from the start. We use data science technology to track the estimates and score them for continuous optimization. We hold our estimates to this highest level of scrutiny, so they improve the patient experience rather than complicate it. True Estimate bridges all the gaps in accuracy, clarity, continuity and precisely tailored payment options everywhere. Patients are better prepared, and any pre-service collection effort is appropriate.

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