RevSpring Design™

Using a combination of best practices in graphic design, machine-learning algorithms and virtual focus groups, we make sure that your statements are the most effective and results-oriented pieces delivered in the industry. We strategically place personalized patient messaging and calls to action to help ensure higher response and payment rates.

Scientifically proven designs that drive effectiveness and actions based on heat map and gaze path studies

Better collection rates with an easy to understand call to action within the statement

Earlier payments as a result of no confusion on balances, due dates and methods to pay

We have access to a panel of 2 million consumers in the US who can review and provide feedback on our statement concepts.

Validated designs up front through real-world consumer feedback.

Having a solid statement design that has been scientifically tested before anything hits the streets, will prove to be beneficial in meeting your long-term revenue goals. Making it easy for patients to understand their statement and what is being asked of them is the first step to success.

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