Are your statements inspiring the right consumer action? The subtle details and designs on a printed statement can have a major influence on consumer response.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve honed our past-due statement messaging, design, and processes to maximize desired consumer responses for municipal and county governments.

Effective Statements for Government

Every citizen is different, so why send the same past-due communications to everyone? Our sophisticated user testing, design analytics, and multiple print layout and sizing options make us the top choice for effective past-due statement delivery.

Custom-Designed Letters

Visual hierarchy theory, A/B testing, eye tracking analysis, and consumer panels ensure your statements inspire a response.

Data-Driven Processes

We use your raw consumer data and behavioral analysis to create tailored communications to increase consumer comprehension.

Dynamic Color

Add full color, spot color, colored paper, or colored envelopes to your mailed communications to funnel attention to key details.

Inspiring Calls to Action

Use intelligent, intentional design to encourage consumers to utilize faster, more convenient means of payment such as online Quick Pay or inbound IVR.

PDF Archives

We create exact replicas of every print statement for long-term storage.

Dual Production Facilities

Mirrored production facilities in Pennsylvania and Arizona increase delivery speed and provide full disaster recovery.

Enhanced Data Cleansing and Corrections

Improve letter delivery rates, reduce postage costs, and limit returned mail by cleansing, confirming, and standardizing the information in your database.

  • Data Hygiene and Analytics
  • Dual Address Standardization (DAS)
  • National Change of Address 18 Months and 48 Months (NCOA)
  • Address Element Correction (AEC)
  • Address Change Service (ACS)
  • Letter Householding
  • Bankruptcy and Deceased Scrubs
  • CONFIRM Tracking
  • Return Mail Management

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