How is COVID-19 Affecting Even Your Best Self-Payers?

Did you know 30% of patients who can usually pay their medical bills are no longer able to due to the COVID-19 financial crisis?

RevSpring’s new Financial Distress Indicator™ came out of statistical research between a patient’s likelihood to pay before COVID-19, and whether those same patients are now affected financially due to the pandemic. The results are interesting: 30% of your best payers are now financially affected by COVID-19 and should be treated differently than before.

The Challenge: Finding your 30%!



We can help you find your 30%.

As a valued RevSpring customer, we are offering this pioneering Financial Distress Indicator as a courtesy to all of our clients. We feel this information is so timely and important that we don’t want budgets and logistics to get in the way. Simply fill out the form below to request a RevSpring representative to contact you to get started.