How is COVID-19 Affecting Even Your Best Self-Payers?

Did you know 30% of patients who can usually pay their medical bills are no longer able to due to the COVID-19 financial crisis?

RevSpring’s new Financial Distress Indicator™ came out of statistical research between a patient’s likelihood to pay before COVID-19 and whether those same patients are now affected financially due to the pandemic. The results are interesting: 30% of your best payers are now financially affected by COVID-19 and should be treated differently than before.

The Challenge: Finding your 30%!



We can help you find your 30%.

Our research of 370 million U.S. households helped us derive our Financial Distress Indicator. By knowing your 30%, you can offer more precise payment options that fit your patients’ needs without without changing the way you engage with the other 70% who can still pay their bills in full, and in a timely manner. Fill out the form below to get started.