February 11, 2021

Smart Tech Meets COVID Threat

Experienced climbers use a full array of specialized tools and supplies to increase their safety and success in scaling imposing mountains. Healthcare providers battling COVID-19 also are facing a monumental challenge: vaccinating as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Technology solutions are available to assist in important ways: patient communication, timely payments for tests and, of course, keeping everyone as safe as possible. Here are five top technology solutions to help healthcare providers vaccinating against COVID-19:

1.  Vaccination Appointment Reminders

Remind individuals of their vaccination appointments (first and second doses) through phone, text, and email, and allow for confirmations and reschedules. Reminders also can include instructions regarding where to go, what to bring, and what to expect.

2.  Broadcast Messages for Vaccine Availability

Create broadcast messages for updates on vaccine availability. This can include custom phone, text, and email messages that can be delivered to any list of contacts. Notify waitlisted patients if extra doses are available or communicate vaccine availabilities as communities move through “waves” of vaccine candidates.

3.  Check-in Dashboard

Manage vaccination workflows with virtual check-in, parking lot waiting rooms, and automated communications. Manage the queue of patients receiving vaccinations with contactless check-in. Use text communication to manage the vaccine recipient flow and minimize in-person interactions.

4.  Deviceless Payment Options

Take co-payments for COVID-19 tests without a card terminal. Upon check-in, deviceless payment options can send an encrypted link via email or text to the patient’s cell phone so the patient may access a payment portal for a secure self-service payment. Deviceless payment also mitigates PCI risk. Instead of receiving card or bank information verbally from patients, deviceless payment options provide safe interaction during the COVID pandemic. And deviceless payments save money in the long run due to no upkeep of payment terminals.

5.  Unique Use Cases: Remote Rapid Test Locations

One RevSpring customer is providing rapid tests at the San Francisco airport for passengers requiring a negative COVID-19 test for travel to certain locations, including Hawaii.  After a testing appointment is set, an email is sent to the passenger that includes a link to enter their payment method. This allows passengers to easily pay in advance for their test. A similar strategy could work anywhere that rapid testing occurs, such as long-term care facilities and universities.

A public health challenge as daunting as vaccinating all Americans against COVID-19 deserves support. Engage automated technology solutions to make vaccination communication safer, faster and more efficient.