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RevSpring is proud of our decade-long partnership with MEDENT. From confirming appointments to securely delivering lab results to soliciting post-care patient feedback, RevSpring integrates with MEDENT to send interactive communication that engages patients from start to finish.

One Question Survey

Get a pulse on what your patients are experiencing with RevSpring’s One Question Survey.


One Question Survey

Today, patients have many options for medical care, which is why making sure they are happy with their experience is critical in maintaining their loyalty.

RevSpring offers a quick, easy-to-use survey that gives patients a simple method to share their experiences. The feedback gained from our survey highlights positive trends and helps identify issues so action can be taken.

We have many ways to collect patient feedback, but one of the most effective and easiest to implement is our One Question Survey. We can ask questions like:

“How would you rate your experience on a scale of 0-10?”

Or use standard NPS language to understand your promoters and detractors. Your patients reply with a number, easy as that. Follow-up texts can ask them to send in commentary as well. We collect and report on their experience by provider, location, and highlight trends across time.

RevSpring customers switching to our one question survey have seen high response rates, because it’s quick and easy for patients to respond to compared with traditional methods.

With a low implementation lift, One Question Survey is a great way to expand your patient communication strategy and start improving the patient experience today.

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Be smart and precise with patient engagement

Reduce no-shows and decrease the administrative burden of traditional (and less effective) appointment reminders. Proactive patient education leads to more engagement and healthier outcomes—for patients and your practice.

RevSpring is deeply committed to helping you maximize your investment in MEDENT. Let us show you with a demonstration.