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RevSpring is proud of our decade-long partnership with MEDENT. From confirming appointments to securely delivering lab results to soliciting post-care patient feedback, RevSpring integrates with MEDENT to send interactive communication that engages patients from start to finish.

Are you ready to modernize your patient experience?

Create a better patient experience with digital patient intake forms. Check out our monthly hot topic to see how we can help.


Modernize your patient experience

Digital patient intake forms fit patient’s lifestyles when they can complete paperwork without the stress of being rushed in the waiting room. Plus, a patient can begin filling out forms at soccer practice, and finish them later on the couch at home without losing any progress.

With current technology, known information about the patient can be pre-filled, and conditional logic for sections and questions simplify the form completion process making it a fast, easy process for patients.

Digitizing these documents and intake processes can also relieve staff of much of the administrative burden, and allow them to focus on more complicated tasks.

In this month’s blog, we’re talking about taking the pain (and paper!) out of paperwork.



Be smart and precise with patient engagement

Reduce no-shows and decrease the administrative burden of traditional (and less effective) appointment reminders. Proactive patient education leads to more engagement and healthier outcomes—for patients and your practice.

RevSpring is deeply committed to helping you maximize your investment in MEDENT. Let us show you with a demonstration.