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MEDENT Integration Enhancements

MEDENT Integration Enhancements are on the way

We’re excited to announce that MEDENT has recently committed to investing in and enhancing our shared integration. We look forward to adding additional value and features to our MEDENT customers through this effort.

The planned integration additions include:

  • Real-time write back to MEDENT of CONFIRM, RESCHEDULE responses within Talksoft appointment reminders
  • Real-time appointment updates to RevSpring of appointment additions, cancellations, and changes
  • Real-time integration of lab result notifications
  • Conversations API integration to facilitate office-to-patient texting

This expanded integration will be a free upgrade and will not require any adjustments to your RevSpring contract. The timing of these updates is expected in the coming months.

We welcome your questions and feedback and look forward to providing additional updates on the project.

One Question Survey

One Question Survey

Today, patients have many options for medical care, which is why making sure they are happy with their experience is critical in maintaining their loyalty.

RevSpring offers a quick, easy-to-use survey that gives patients a simple method to share their experiences. The feedback gained from our survey highlights positive trends and helps identify issues so action can be taken.

We have many ways to collect patient feedback, but one of the most effective and easiest to implement is our One Question Survey. We can ask questions like:

“How would you rate your experience on a scale of 0-10?”

Or use standard NPS language to understand your promoters and detractors. Your patients reply with a number, easy as that. Follow-up texts can ask them to send in commentary as well. We collect and report on their experience by provider, location, and highlight trends across time.

RevSpring customers switching to our one question survey have seen high response rates, because it’s quick and easy for patients to respond to compared with traditional methods.

With a low implementation lift, One Question Survey is a great way to expand your patient communication strategy and start improving the patient experience today.

Fill out the form to learn more.




Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

Are your patients feeling burdened with the time spent filling out paperwork?

Do you find many errors as a result of manual paperwork processes? You aren’t alone.

Healthcare information errors are a leading cause of insurance claim denials. A major study in 2022 found that missing or invalid claim data was second only to registration eligibility issues for causing claim denials. RevSpring customers that use OCR to streamline the forms completion process increase the accuracy of data captured at intake, eliminating costly errors that can lead to insurance claim denials.

OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) allows patients to quickly and accurately complete digital forms, reducing the administrative burden on staff during the preservice registration process, while increasing convenience for patients.

Here’s how it works:

  • Patients take a photo of driver’s license, insurance card or other documents
  • OCR auto scans and uploads key information to populate form fields
  • Saves time for the patient and staff
  • Increase accuracy of data collection

It’s that easy.

Ready to let OCR do the work so you can focus on patient needs?

No paper paperwork

No-paper paperwork with RevSpring

Paperwork doesn’t have to be painful.

Practices across the country are switching to digital forms to modernize their patient experience. With technology tools like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) you can use documents like insurance cards and driver’s license to quickly and easily collect patient information and save them time.

In addition, your staff will love the reduction in manual effort and the increase in data accuracy.

As modern consumers, patients are expecting ease-of-use during their healthcare experience. It’s one of the Top 10 Consumer takeaways featured in our recent eBook, aimed to help you create a patient experience that delights.



Patient Estimation and Eligibility

Patient Estimation and Eligibility

Fill the gaps in preservice coverage verification and estimation of the patient’s financial obligation with accuracy, clarity, workflows, and precisely tailored payment options everywhere.

Our estimation and eligibility tools solve common questions in registration and billing:

How can I maximize collection of the patient’s portion of the cost of the service?

Answer:  Provide patients with an estimate of their cost. Be prepared to deliver Good Faith Estimates as defined by The Surprise Billing Regulation. Additionally, collect a card on file and have early financial conversations about payment options.

How can I maximize the productivity of my staff and do more in less time with fewer errors?

Answer: An intuitive staff view based on Work Queues allows the user to focus on those visits/accounts needing attention while not holding up patients for service once all steps have been taken.

Ready to take action?

Take a walk in your patient’s shoes to see how estimates are a critical point on the path to a successful patient experience.


Download Infographic

Results Notifications

Automate timely notifications to your patients

Results Notification gives you the power of automated engagement to communicate with your patients about the results of labs, orders, and imaging. Features include:

Integration: Results notifications integrate automatically with MEDENT to support the automated transfer of patient list and message results

Multi-channel communication: Messages delivered via phone, text, and/or email

Efficient: Automatically communicating lab results saves office staff time while still providing personal and clear information

Time-saving: Reduce the burden on staff making manual phone calls, and keep phone lines open for urgent communications

Customized: Create standard result messages or unique messages for result types

Portal Push: A HIPPA-compliant way to securely deliver lab results, messages can contain links to the patient portal for more details results view

Privacy Protected: Automatically deliver one of two messages based on data that indicates “NORMAL” or “CALL OFFICE”



PersonaPay Express

Right Size Your Payment Solution

RevSpring’s PersonaPay™ Express payment platform provides a payment solution that fits you best. We offer 3 distinct packages you can choose from and even grow into.

Agent Package—This package includes simple virtual terminal capabilities that enable staff members to take and process payments with favorable processing rates and automated reconciliation tools. It can store credit card and bank information, facilitate payment plans, and generate automated thank you messages. It also offers vital search functionality and critical payment reports.

Patient-Plus Package—In addition to the many features of the Agent Package, the Patient-Plus Package adds the ability for patients to easily make a payment any time (24/7) with an intuitive self-serve option. This package helps providers to improve their call center abandonment rates and hold times, while offering patients the convenience of easy payments any time.

Premium Package—This option provides even more benefits, such as incorporating account and statement data to allow for eStatements and PDF statement storage, as well as more flexible payment plan options. Providers can match organizational color palettes and incorporate logos on the interface.




Engage by Text When Patients Prefer It

Research confirms that people prefer texting, with 78% of people expressing the wish to have a text conversation with the businesses they interact with.

Our Conversations solution makes texting easier by routing incoming text messages through a messaging management tool. Conversations will orchestrate incoming patient messages through a staff-facing messaging center, making it easier for healthcare providers to manage a higher number of patient interactions while spending less time on the phone.

Staff are empowered to facilitate timely conversations and provide valuable resources to patients.

Plus, it’s built into the Talksoft® platform and integrates easily with appointment reminders, virtual check-in, and patient messaging.

Conversations gives patients the frictionless patient experience they expect. Want more consumer friendly tips for engagement strategies you can Implement now? Download our free eBook.


Digital Forms

Modernize your patient experience

Digital patient intake forms fit patient’s lifestyles when they can complete paperwork without the stress of being rushed in the waiting room. Plus, a patient can begin filling out forms at soccer practice, and finish them later on the couch at home without losing any progress.

With current technology, known information about the patient can be pre-filled, and conditional logic for sections and questions simplify the form completion process making it a fast, easy process for patients.

Digitizing these documents and intake processes can also relieve staff of much of the administrative burden, and allow them to focus on more complicated tasks.

In this month’s blog, we’re talking about taking the pain (and paper!) out of paperwork.



Two-Way Texting

Two-way texting for your staff and patients

For years, our MEDENT users have enjoyed automated texting communications to remind patients of their appointments, provide instructions, and let them know when they’re due to schedule. Now texting is available to combine those automated messages with hands-on communication to respond to texts your patients may already be sending in.

Plus, conversation management tools make it possible for you to facilitate scheduling appointments, deliver intake forms, take payment and more. The benefits of this communication platform includes:

  • Enhanced 2-way texting capabilities to increase patient engagement
  • Automation of HIPAA compliance steps for communication
  • Opportunity to provide patients with a textable number (in some cases, your main office number) where they can easily send questions and concerns
  • Use the same text thread as automated reminders to two-way text with your patients

It’s all part of a patient engagement strategy that builds trust with your patients as they come to know, understand, and engage whenever and however suits their needs best. Learn more in our recent white paper: Building Trust with Patients.



Outreach Messaging

Schedule requests through “you’re due for an appointment” messages

Outreach Messaging can now be connected to MEDENT’s self-scheduling module to allow patients to easily schedule their visit after receiving a “you are due for an appointment” message. The schedule links can be organization, location, and/or provider specific.

Additional Features:

  • Directly integrates with MEDENT allowing for efficient set-up of preventative and quality care messages, with results delivered back into Chart Central
  • Ability to reach out to targeted groups of patients with messages specific to their needs or disease state
  • Working together with our patient engagement solutions, clinical outreach messaging compliments appointment reminders, broadcast messaging, and patient surveys to keep your patients informed and connected throughout their healthcare journey
  • Practices can use automated outreach to send campaigns to the entire patient population or customize messages based on the type of service due, including detailed instructions
  • Segment your patient lists and tailor clinical outreach to targeted groups for more effective disease management



Price Transparency & Surprise Billing

Meeting Patients Expectations

If you are lacking the resources to understand and comply with the Price Transparency and Surprise Billing requirements, RevSpring can help. Our team of experts can help your organization meet and exceed regulation requirements, while reducing the burden on staff. For more detailed information on Surprise Billing requirements, RevSpring has put together a useful guide for your convenience. Plus visit our Innovation Corner page for valuable resources.



Integration & Interoperability

Interoperability: Making Things Work Together

Healthcare organizations frequently ask RevSpring if our products will work with solutions they already use. Others want to know if our products can be tailored to fit with existing workflows. The answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes!”

RevSpring understands how critical existing technologies are to your operations, and that time, process changes and the availability of IT resources to support integrations are a challenge. We design, build, and integrate our healthcare solutions to accommodate unique provider workflows throughout entire healthcare organizations.

Learn more about RevSpring’s philosophy and approach to creating solutions that fit existing MEDENT workflows—without increasing the burden on your busy IT operations—by reading our guide Interoperability by Design.


Broadcast Messaging

Communicate timely messages quickly and easily with Broadcast Messaging

Natural disasters, weather emergencies, and other unforeseen circumstances can close your practice with little-to-no warning. When unexpected closures or changes happen, real-time communication with your patients will help your healthcare organization maintain satisfaction and provide a positive experience.

Our broadcast messaging solution makes it easy for your practice to send communications to your entire patient population or a specific segment when there are office closures, special hours, important announcements, seasonal clinics, office relocations, or emergencies. With integration to our Talksoft® Appointment Reminder solution, you can pull contact lists directly from the schedule we already have. Review and bookmark our broadcast our user manual today.




Want loyal patients? Ask them what they think.

Loyal patients can increase profits by up to 95 percent.

Failure to retain patients can be painfully expensive: patient acquisition efforts cost five times more than efforts to maintain existing patients.

These eye-popping statistics clearly show the importance of cultivating loyal patients—and it’s easier than you may think. Simply asking patients about their healthcare experience not only shows patients that you care, it helps you identify care gaps and create effective action plans when changes are needed to address care concerns.

RevSpring’s Survey+ makes getting feedback fast, easy and actionable

Patients can answer our Survey+ in five minutes or less, increasing the likelihood they will take the time to give you their thoughts.

Survey questions are designed by industry leaders and are specific to specialty areas. Consistent questions allow you to benchmark patient experience and practice performance against survey results from similar practices nationwide.

Most importantly, you can quickly see—and fix—problems before they result in lost patients, reputation damage, and reduced revenue.

Inviting your patients to rate their experience allows them to be heard and this is one of the key elements needed to improve patient satisfaction.

Learn how Community Health benefited from patient satisfaction surveys in this customer story:



Patient Outreach

Keep patients—and your practice—on track with proactive outreach messages in MEDENT DM

Consistent communication with patients builds trust and keeps your relationship top of mind. A simple reminder to schedule a visit can be a powerful catalyst for patient preventative care, while letting patients know you care.

RevSpring Outreach, integrated directly with MEDENT’s Disease Management (DM) module, sends helpful outreach messages to your patients—via phone, text or email messages. This outreach strategy lets patients know they are a valued patient and presents your organization as tech savvy and patient focused.

Learn the benefits of an outreach strategy by reading our latest blog.



Digital Doorways

Unlock Digital Doorways for your patients

Healthcare demands engaging patients how they prefer—and—driving results. Luckily, Digital Doorways powered by RevSpring let MEDENT users do both!

Digital communication, combined with targeted applications, automation and predictive analytics, is accelerating the advancement of patient-centric digital doorways that are key to better financial results for providers.

Digital doorways align perfectly with the needs of patients for communication and financial engagement that is convenient and flexible. Some are calling it a “digital front door,” which most typically refers to a marketing effort aimed at building a provider’s brand identity. At RevSpring, digital doorways for MEDENT users are more comprehensive. They encapsulate a holistic and connected approach to patient engagement, with tremendous benefits for patients and providers alike.

Most importantly, digital doorways can improve patient engagement no matter where a patient—or healthcare provider—happens to be today in their adoption of digital solutions.

 Digital Doorways can include:

  • Patient Outreach
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Digital Patient Intake
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Digital Payment Options

The true power of digital doorways lies in the strategy that connect them, ensuring that providers are able to generate best responses and highest rates of return.

The keys to unlocking such a strategy? Advanced analytics and smart automation that allow providers who use MEDENT to act on data and make changes to patient engagement in real time.

Learn more about the power of Digital Doorways by watching this webinar, co-hosted by RevSpring and MEDENT.



IVR Advantage

Let customers pay 24/7—without stressing out your team

With IVR Advantage™ you can enjoy an effortless extension to your call center, accelerating your revenue cycles with our industry-leading call conversion rate and end-to-end data intelligence. When fully integrated with your existing call flow and MEDENT instance, IVR Advantage lets you offer patients a convenient any time, all-in-one payment experience.

Patients can choose the pay-by-phone option ordered by your existing phone system or call a new 24/7 number printed on billing statements. If questions arise, patients can easily transfer to a customer service rep during call center business hours.

  • Enhance your MEDENT investment, with payments available for immediate viewing in Chart Central
  • Accelerate revenue cycles: inbound calls result in payments up to 75 percent of the time (our industry-leading call conversion rate!)
  • Enjoy a quick, streamlined implementation due to existing integration with MEDENT
  • Reduce administrative effort by offloading 20-30 percent of inbound calls
  • Provide patient convenience, as well as 24/7 access to account balance and payment history information
  • Free up staff for more complex calls
  • Be confident: IVR Advantage is PCI-certified and HIPAA-compliant

Read this customer’s story on how they significantly reduced demand on their understaffed and overwhelmed call center staff—and achieved important community health objectives—thanks to the implementation of RevSpring’s IVR Advantage inbound and outbound solutions.



Price Transparency Ruling

Price Transparency Ruling gets real—partnering can help with compliance

The federal government’s Price Transparency rule for hospitals is now a reality, but as many hospitals struggle to meet the requirements it’s a case of “reality bites.” Fortunately, there’s a cure and it’s painless to boot—especially for MEDENT customers.

RevSpring, integrated with the MEDENT HIS system, offers a streamlined method for complying with the Price Transparency rule through an easy-to-use online price shopping tool:

  • Embedded on your own website
  • Provide clarity to empower patients
  • Encourage patients to say “yes” to needed treatment and services

This is exactly what is happening at a small non-profit hospital that recently accessed our price transparency services. Patient Financial Services leaders at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) are so delighted with their new ability to easily discuss costs with patients prior to care, they now are implementing RevSpring’s price shopping tool for consumers and our estimation tool for its registrars.

CRMC—and other hospitals and health systems that meet, and even exceed, the price transparency rule—will be in a strong position to give patients more options, more choices, and more knowledge to prepare them for their financial responsibilities, which patients will reward with loyalty, more timely payments, and referrals.

Read more about the Price Transparency compliance strategies at CRMC.



Talksoft Patient Engagement

Reach all potential vaccine recipients with TalkSoft in MEDENT

Nearly every state in the country has now opened up COVID-19 vaccines for people aged 16 or older. That means millions of Americans are scrambling to set up vaccine appointments as quickly as possible. Your organization may be scrambling, too, to reach out to patients and to respond to their vaccine requests.

Why not allow automated communication technology to ease the burden? MEDENT and TalkSoft from RevSpring is tightly integrated and can support vaccine-related communications in multiple ways:

  • Send broadcast messages to patients who now qualify for vaccines
  • Set up appointment reminders for both first and second dose appointments
  • Update appointment reminder messages to include vaccine safety information

The communications partnership between RevSpring and MEDENT is a decade long with no end in sight. TalkSoft provides many communications solutions for MEDENT customers, including safer appointment check-ins. Tight integration means message adjustments or additions are stress-free for your organization’s IT staff.

Read our eBook, 5 Solutions for Your Vaccine Rollout for more helpful tips on using proven technology solutions to assist with vaccine rollout.



Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminder best practices

Avoid a one and done strategy to appointment reminders. Use phone, text, and email reminders together to meet patients where they’re at, and get the response you want. Each communication channel carries its own benefits:

  • Email: Allows for a longer form—a great place for links to forms, COVID-19 information, or patient portals.
  • Phone calls: Create a personalized and human interaction while reaching senior populations more effectively.
  • Text messages: A quick and convenient reminder, and smart phones allow touch-to-add to calendar.

Results of your reminders appear in Chart Central.

Learn more about appointment reminder best practices in our blog.




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