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Cerner customers are, well, discerning. You expect breakthrough innovation and solutions that continuously propel your operations forward. RevSpring shares those key values. That’s why your Cerner Corner includes a monthly look at what we call “hot ideas” – information that empowers you to know more, manage better, and engage in more meaningful ways with your customers.

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Promote a Seamless Payment Experience for Patients and Staff

RevSpring’s PersonaPay™ portal is now fully integrated into both your staff and patient instances of Cerner. This KLAS leading payment portal allows you to:

  • Offer the right payment options to each individual patient
  • Increase pay rates
  • Improve self-service rates
  • Promote eBill
  • Guide patients through staff scripting
  • Post payments in real-time back into Cerner

Manage Postal Costs by Offering Digital Statements

With inflation causing increased prices in almost every area including print and mail costs, you may need to consider new ways to send patient communications and billing. Offering digital statements to patients is a great way to cut postal costs while improving the patient experience—and the likelihood of payment action.

Allowing patients to easily select digital statements within RevSpring’s PersonaPay portal—fully embedded in Cerner—leads to a 2X increase in eBill adoption and increased self-service payments by 6.5%.

Download our data sheet to learn more.



Unlock Digital Doorways for your patients

Healthcare demands engaging patients how they prefer—and—driving results. Luckily, Digital Doorways powered by RevSpring let Cerner users do both!

Digital communication, combined with targeted applications, automation and predictive analytics, is accelerating the advancement of patient-centric digital doorways that are key to better financial results for providers.

Digital doorways align perfectly with the needs of patients for communication and financial engagement that is convenient and flexible. Some are calling it a “digital front door,” which most typically refers to a marketing effort aimed at building a provider’s brand identity. At RevSpring, digital doorways for Cerner users are more comprehensive. They encapsulate a holistic and connected approach to patient engagement, with tremendous benefits for patients and providers alike.

Most importantly, digital doorways can improve patient engagement no matter where a patient—or healthcare provider—happens to be today in their adoption of digital solutions.

 Digital Doorways can include:

  • Patient Outreach
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Digital Patient Intake
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Digital Payment Options

The true power of digital doorways lies in the strategy that connect them, ensuring that providers are able to generate best responses and highest rates of return.

The keys to unlocking such a strategy? Advanced analytics and smart automation that allow providers to act on data and make changes to patient engagement in real time.

Read our guide to learn how you can make Digital Doorways a part of your patient engagement strategy.



Achieve Price Transparency compliance

The federal government’s Price Transparency rule for hospitals is now a reality, but as many hospitals struggle to meet the requirements it’s a case of “reality bites.” Fortunately, there’s a cure and it’s painless to boot—especially for Cerner customers.

RevSpring offers a streamlined method for complying with the Price Transparency rule through an easy-to-use online price shopping tool:

  • Embedded on your own website
  • Provide clarity to empower patients
  • Encourage patients to say “yes” to needed treatment and services

This is exactly what is happening at a small non-profit hospital that recently accessed our price transparency services. Patient Financial Services leaders at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) are so delighted with their new ability to easily discuss costs with patients prior to care, they now are implementing RevSpring’s price shopping tool for consumers and our estimation tool for its registrars.

CRMC—and other hospitals and health systems that meet, and even exceed, the price transparency rule—will be in a strong position to give patients more options, more choices, and more knowledge to prepare them for their financial responsibilities, which patients will reward with loyalty, more timely payments, and referrals.

Read more about the Price Transparency compliance strategies at CRMC.



Convert callers at an industry-leading rate without leaving your Cerner platform or stressing call center staff


Healthcare costs are rising. Patients expect a quick, convenient and easy payment process in a familiar communication channel. You must drive payments without increasing administrative needs.

We get it.

You’re operating in a complex and, frankly, stressful environment.

That’s why RevSpring is delighted to offer Cerner customers our IVR Advantage integrated Cerner solution. Not only will you gain an additional payment channel that is convenient to patients, you’ll alleviate stress for your current administrative effort.

In fact, you will be able to offload basic transactions from your call center staff and accept payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Inbound calls result in payments up to 75% of the time. These payments will automatically post into Cerner without your staff ever having to lift a finger.

RevSpring integrates with your existing call flow and Cerner instance to provide a convenient, all-in-one phone experience. Patients can choose the pay-by-phone option ordered by your existing phone system or call a new 24/7 number published on their statement. They can also transfer to a CSR if necessary, during business hours.

IVR Advantage Integrated Cerner Solutions Offers:

  • Quick payment options (24/7) for patients – without ever speaking to an agent
  • Increased Efficiency – staff can focus on more complex calls
  • Reduced Administrative Effort – payments are available for immediate viewing
  • Enhancement of your Cerner investmentoffload 20-30% of inbound calls

And most compelling of all:

  • Our best practice IVR call flow helps convert callers at an industry-leading rate!

 Trust RevSpring

RevSpring manages more than 25 million calls and 6 million IVR transactions per year. Our breadth of experience enables us to accelerate revenue cycles with our industry-leading call conversion rate and end-to-end data intelligence.

Read this client’s customer success story to learn how implementing IVR Advantage helped them.



Harness the Power of PersonaPay™ to Increase Collections—and Patient Convenience—within Cerner Millennium®

RevSpring’s relationship with Cerner has expanded again to now offer our PersonaPay™ solution within the Millennium platform! PersonaPay provides individualized payment options that are tailored to each patient, including:

  • Pay in full
  • Payment plans
  • Financial assistance

By tailoring payments to each patient’s particular situation, PersonaPay is driving impressive bottom-line results for healthcare providers. These include, on average, results such as:

  • 20% year-over-year payment lift
  • 29% increase in collection rates
  • More than 90% patient satisfaction rates

How can PersonaPay deliver these remarkable results?

Integrating PersonaPay into Cerner Millennium creates a digital extension to the paper statements many already source from Cerner (via RevSpring). Providing consistent messaging and payment options—using both print and digital—improves the patient experience and the likelihood of payment.

PersonaPay uses a comprehensive approach to tailor payment options specific to the needs of each patient, including consolidating patient balances from all service areas within the same health system. Patients say goodbye to multiple confusing statements and hello to one, easy-to-pay monthly statement within the Cerner portal. Patient convenience also is paramount in the easy digital set-up and electronic statement delivery, payment plans and preferences, and handling of sensitive payment information.

And front desk staff and CSRs appreciate the ease of our intuitive portal interfaces within Cerner to access, record and verify patient insurance and billing information. They also can take credit/debit, ACH, and cash payments within the Cerner Millennium platform thanks to PersonaPay.

Ready to learn more?

Download our free guide for extended information about the power of PersonaPay to drive better collections within Cerner.



Improve Appointment Adherence with Personalized and Precise Patient Engagement

The Cerner® relationship is now even stronger with the expansion of RevSpring’s Patient Engagement solutions within the Millennium® platform. Our Talksoft® pre-service messaging platform—including the award-winning appointment reminder product—is now fully integrated with Cerner!

Cerner users who need automated, intelligent patient communications—via phone, text and email—will appreciate the ability to create and send pre- and post-service messages timed to match patient preferences.

The results speak for themselves, as RevSpring CEO Scott MacKenzie notes: “RevSpring’s pre-service engagement solutions better prepare patients to participate in and pay for their healthcare, increasing response rates by up to 50 percent.”

To make things as convenient as possible, Talksoft communication is integrated with current patient schedules in Cerner. And careful integration means Cerner customers enjoy easy implementation and support. Other benefits include:

  • Intelligent appointment reminders with results available directly with the Millennium platform
  • Post-appointment messages, including surveys and educational links
  • No-show appointment communications to encourage rescheduling



Gain Fast and Easy Access to the Data You Need

Making sound decisions means having meaningful data points in time for them to matter. RevSpring Insight™ dashboards for Cerner customers provides a wealth of data to help managers ensure revenue cycle programs are achieving desired outcomes.

By using the RevSpring Insight dashboards, Cerner customers receive critical timely data points such as:

  • Yield: identify the exact amount received versus total amount billed. Other ways to look at yield include by timeframe, dunning levels, locations, and propensity to pay scores.
  • Self-Service Rate: understand the current percentage of payments resulting from guarantor paying using self-service methods including inbound/outbound IVR, portal and EMR.
  • CSR Performance: see the dollars collected by customer service representatives or POS staff (finetune your insight by filtering on dates, locations, payment sources and payment status) and then provide staff coaching or praise as appropriate.

Make sure your programs are working at optimum levels by accessing revenue cycle data quickly and easily within Cerner. RevSpring Insight dashboards make it simple to “slice and dice” data for multiple views for easy export and handling. Most importantly, near real-time access helps maximum collection effectiveness! View our infographic to learn more.



Improve Payments and the Patient Experience with RevSpring Predict™

Most patients intend to pay when healthcare bills arrive. Yet good intentions can be overwhelmed in the face of unexpectedly high costs not easily handled within a patient’s monthly budget. When patients feel unable to pay on time and in full, they sometimes pay nothing at all.

That’s when RevSpring Predict™ can make a huge difference for Cerner clients—sometimes by increasing revenue collections by up to 15 percent (the average is a healthy 6 percent). We do this with better predictions of which patients are more apt to pay specific amounts.

Three key scores reveal everything you need to know:

  1. Propensity to pay: Offer targeted payment options based on the patient’s ability to pay
  2. Payment plan optimization: Fine-tune the recommended payment plan amount and payment duration period
  3. Financial assistance: Proactively identify whether a patient qualifies for financial assistance

These scores are highly precise and enable providers to offer patients a realistic and flexible payment experience. We use a broader blend of data and more dynamic modeling techniques to give you clear insight and confidence—all without touching patient credit scores. Score information provides patient-specific guidance for messaging that works for various propensity to pay outcomes—all in conjunction with your Cerner EMR environment.

Your outcomes?

  • Predict likely payment behavior
  • Improve cash flow
  • See better payment results
  • Cultivate stronger customer satisfaction and loyalty

RevSpring Predict eliminates guesswork about how patients will respond to their financial responsibilities. Learn more about the power of smart patient analytics and behavioral data to drive better payment collection outcomes in our white paper: Smart Data Analytics Drives Successful Revenue Management.



Settlement-Based Reconciliation

Included in RevSpring’s Merchant Services offering, our Settlement-Based Reconciliation tool standardizes your reconciliation process, eliminates errors, and reduces write-offs. Productivity and accuracy increases with easy insight into the funding of any payment taken through RevSpring’s portals, IVR, or text-to-pay. The ability to quickly correlate which payments are included in each of your bank deposits, as well as identify canceled payments, ACH returns, or chargebacks, saves you time and operational costs.

Learn how Memorial Health System cut its reconciliation time in half by adopting our innovative tool.



Digital Engagement Strategies

Leverage your existing Cerner investment by adding RevSpring’s eVoke™ Digital First Delivery solution. Patient satisfaction will increase as you begin communicating in ways patients prefer. Not surprisingly, your print and mailing costs will decrease in the process—sometimes by as much as 30 percent.

There’s another important benefit too: digitally savvy patients reply to text and email messages much faster. Digital payments speed up the revenue cycle and save providers resources formerly expended on repetitive dunning messages.

Learn six critical digital doorways you can open now to improve patient engagement rates by 20X.




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