Successful patient engagement takes more than a one-off moment. It takes vision and clarity enabled by ever-evolving technology. With RevSpring, you’ll have data-based insights to conduct personally-relevant, perfectly-timed conversations from the very beginning, inspiring positive action at critical moments.

With the launch of our newest products—Arrived Patient Intake™, OmniBrain™ and PersonaPay™ Work Queues—RevSpring is the only vendor to offer a fully integrated patient experience journey that transforms patient engagement into a more unified, individualized patient experience.

New Product!

Introducing OmniBrain™

A powerful and advanced OmniChannel patient engagement platform, OmniBrain™ is designed specifically for healthcare organizations to orchestrate and optimize patient engagement journeys based on provider goals and patient behavior. OmniBrain executes intelligent, coordinated patient communications that inspire patients to act by delivering precise, individualized journeys using a tailored combination of print and digital channels (text, email, IVR, portal) based on understanding of patients and the actions they take.

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New Product!

Act on missed collection opportunities with PersonaPay™ Work Queues

PersonaPay™ Work Queues proactively present and track CSR tasks that mainstream patient outreach to keep pertinent patient payment data and activities current. Work Queues are integrated within the provider-facing workflows in PersonaPay, which minimizes clicks and streamlines the process for provider staff to take action on priority outreach for patient accounts all-in-one application.

Using automated workflows without leaving PersonaPay, CSRs easily uncover items that lead to more collection opportunities that would otherwise be missed and turned into unnecessary bad debt. Work Queues are easily configured within a PersonaPay implementation and include a number of fast and flexible templates that proactively initiate patient communications via text, email, or phone.

To learn more about PersonaPay Work Queues, view our data sheet.




New Product!

Modernize the patient intake process with Arrived™ Patient Intake

Arrived™ Patient Intake allows patients to use the device in their hand to complete the intake process from anywhere.

Digital patient intake forms are a key part of the new Arrived solution set, reducing the form-filling burden on patients. Known information is pre-filled, forms are organized into packets, and conditional logic for sections and questions simplify the form completion process. Sessions are persistent, so the patient can begin filling out forms in one session, and finish them later without losing any information, for a smooth hand-off, even on a different device. The data entered into the forms can be posted back into the host system at the field or document level, creating information sharing across applications that is accurate and connected across touchpoints.

To learn more about Arrived™ Patient Intake, view our data sheet.



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