Orchestrate the most individualized engagement journeys to optimize outcomes


Every patient is important. Communicating with a one-size-fits-all approach often fails to drive precise action. Is it possible to deliver patient engagement journeys that are individualized to each patient?


It is.


Introducing OmniBrain™—a powerful and advanced OmniChannel patient engagement platform designed specifically for healthcare organizations to orchestrate and optimize patient engagement journeys based on provider goals and patient behavior. OmniBrain executes intelligent, coordinated patient communications that inspire patients to act by delivering precise, individualized journeys using a tailored combination of print and digital channels (text, email, IVR, portal) based on understanding of patients and the actions they take.


OmniBrain allows healthcare organizations to literally see and influence the engagement paths patients select, the actions they take, and the results they drive. By letting data drive the best journey, and visualizing performance in real time, RevSpring helps providers adjust engagement campaigns quickly to optimize results. This includes increasing payments, improving response rates for patient tasks, shifting to highly effective channel patterns, and eliminating wasted outreach and underperforming channels.


As an example, OmniBrain determines what channels or combination of channels are most effective to engage certain patients to pay their balance. If OmniBrain reveals that some patients respond best to a certain channel, or combination of channels, the OmniBrain can prioritize other communications via those channels or patterns, as well.


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