The most comprehensive and impactful patient engagement suite

We’re here to help you learn more about our solutions—exclusively for Veradigm customers. Our integrated solutions make it easy and effective for providers to engage patients with clear and intuitive communications throughout the entire patient journey.

Exclusively for:

Patient Engagement

Communications that are clear, accurate, consistent, and follow patient preferences

Digital First

Printed Communications


Payment Solutions

Inspire patients to participate in and pay for their healthcare

PersonaPay™ Patient Portal

PersonaPay™ Payment Methods & Options

PersonaPay™ for CSRs

PersonaPay™ Text-to-Pay

RevSpring Merchant Services

Veradigm Integrated Solutions

Leverage the power of integration with these Veradigm approved applications

Inbound IVR

Preservice Engagement

100% digital engagement that starts the financial conversation off right

True Estimate™

For more information contact:

Jennifer Hartzler, Senior Sales Director  |  810.772.1020


Lisa Temporale, Sr. Solutions Manager  |  O: 512.623.2803  |  M: 512.658.1546